Keep your nose to yourself.

I feel some people should give others respect and freedom where due.

Why keep pestering a married couple as to when they will be procreating? It’s their life, their (future) kids, their money, their choice. Who are you to question, pester or even to joke about how they are not helping the local birthrate?

And why in heaven’s name, do people like to ask when baby #2 is coming when #1 has barely popped out of mommy’s womb?

What is the deal with people like that?!

Seriously, is it ANY of YOUR business when others are having kids, or how many, or how they raise their kids?

I have friends who never wanted to have kids, and never will even though they are already married. Both husband and wife don’t have a problem with that, so what’s the problem with you?

And stop it with the “your child will be happier if he/she has siblings to play with”. Do you really REALLY know? Or are you just being kaypoh?

There should be a monetary penalty imposed on kaypoh people like that. Make it $1,000 for each time they stick their nose into other people’s private matters. I’m just so sick of encountering people like that.

No. No one in particular offended me today. I was just reading a mother’s blog and these kaypoh people were leaving comments about how she should have more kids to “keep your girl company”. Who asked for their opinion?!

Oh shut up already. We don’t care what you think. And stop telling people how many kids they should have. What works for you, might not work for us. And vice versa.

On a completely unrelated note, Joshua is engrossed in watching some Hindi movie on Vasantham Central as I type this out with an unexplained surge of anger.

And we are waiting for PapaNash to come back with the NTUC car so that we can go walk walk and have dinner at Tampenis. Hungry! And Josh is starting to whine whenever the Hindi movie takes a commercial break. 😆

Next thing you know, Joshua will be dancing around palm trees and coconut trees a la Hindi jump-jump shimmy-shoulders style.


Update: He just laughed watching some scene in the Hindi movie. 😕


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