bullshit family policies

What is the point of setting up more childcare/infant care centres?
What is the point of having longer operating hours?

Just so that parents who always work late (mostly unpaid OT) can leave their kids in safe hands until they are ready to say “fuck you” to the scheming bosses who unscrupulously make employees work past office hours for free?

The MOM should just include a new law: No retaining of employees in the office after official working hours. Any overtime will be paid at double rate to the employee PLUS incurring a fine payable to the nation.

After all, we’re famous for implementing fines for all sorts of bullshit reasons ranging from chewing gum to using too much water (water conservation “tax” anyone?).

Why not FINE employers who make their staff work overtime?

If people stop spending 70% of the time working (the remainder 30% left for sleeping, eating, and other necessary), everyone would have more time to meet people, have sex, date, have sex, talk about marriage, have sex, plan marriage, have sex, meet the parents, have sex, get married, have sex and MAKE BABIES to up the nation’s pathetic birthrate to a necessary 2.1 per childbearing woman.

And for every woman like Barffie, there would be one who has excessive maternal instinct and would probably never stop popping babies out from her vajayjay if not for the fact that the costs of carrying, birthing, feeding, clothing, educating and caring for the child can be tremendously humongous a sum.

So, go on. Fine those fucked up stingy-shit bosses who keep employees in 5 days a week with no OT pay and you’ll start seeing the birth rates go up. At least give people a chance to fuck, otherwise where got baby?!

And if the bosses insist on making employees work late, at least these poor suffering employees will be rich enough to artificially insert their eggs/sperms into their spouse or a surrogate mother lest they have no time to fuck and get pregnant the natural way.

Make like other countries and ABOLISH working overtime! Only then will there be room for making babies, raising children, quality family time, and reduce divorce rates by creating opportunities for couples to bond.

Right now, there isn’t even a comparison as to whether quality time fares better than quantity. There’s hardly enough time to sleep the stipulated 6-8 hours in order to keep your body ticking optimally. Only thing parents and spouses can hope for, is that they succeed in creating quality time with whatever little that they can provide.


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