staying alive

I blasted emo music. No beer.
I took a long shower. No beer.
I cried in the shower. No beer.
I applied my lotions and potions. No beer.
I dressed up in a new low cut halter top. No beer.
I did a quick glittery manicure. No beer.
I applied sunblock on my face. No beer.
I put on foundation and concealer. Cover my pimple.
I put mascara AND applied falsies. Sibei kiasu.
I used white eyeshadow to make my sallow sad eyes brighter. It worked.
I put on my Bobbi Brown red lip tint. Sophisticated sui.
I sprayed Escada on myself. *sniff sniff* Nice.
I put wax on my hair. Neater hay.
I had a granola bar. With a glass of milk.

I am superficial and can gain temporal happiness by making myself look slightly prettier.

And I did it without having any beer.


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