Mummies have to do homework too!

And what kind of homework would that be?

Reading up on how to stimulate my baby big boy to start talking, walking, being more interactive, more adventurous, more independent, and a gazillion other kiasu behaviours I want him to be.

Why the hell is he not walking yet?! He’s been cruising for eons already! Time to let go of the furniture/mommy’s pants/hands already!! *screams*

Ahem. *tries to regain cool composure*

Also, I have to spend time finding out where to bring him to spend his weekends. Various indoor children’s playgrounds, play gyms, parks, etc.

So far we’ve tried out Go Go Bambini at Dempsey, which he utterly loved and gleefully clapped his hands and went “Yay!” upon stepping into the place. Unfortunately, the rowdy bigger kids only irritated him (he’s like me that way) and he spent 90% of his time in the toddler zone’s ball pit.

Some pics from Joshua’s first experience in a ball pit!











He screamed and threw balls at these two boys past the age of 3 started jumping around crazy in the toddler zone. He hates people who scream and make noise, so he’ll get very agitated when there are people like that around.

Next up, we’ll be exploring the zoo if weather permits. The boy has been bugging me to go to the zoo since 3 weeks ago but we’ve just been busy or weather’s been crap. Hopefully we can go soon!


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