Charity work – Is it worth it?

So I shared earlier that I am doing some charity work for an *ahem* organisation. I was told the work was simple: Mail out some membership cards and merchants’ directory. It’s only about 200 (or so I was told) and it shouldn’t be too hard to mail them all out in a few days.

The thing is, this “work” came with some unannounced extra duties: Folding of the letters to be inserted into envelopes, folding the merchants’ directory card, filling up the member card with member details (by hand), and writing of the members’ names and addresses on the envelopes to be mailed (by hand also).

Call me naive, but I had thought in such a modern society, the membership cards would have been printed with the members’ details and there would be mailing labels. Or maybe just one of it lah. But no. Everything came blank and waiting for me to deface with my chicken scratch handwriting.

As I spent the past 1.5 hours folding the letters, I was thinking how come it’s only 200 of these to be done, and yet none of the committee members could do it. If this was not what committee members were supposed to do, what are their responsibilities and duties in the organisation?

Let’s face it, the math is simple, you just need 1 person to do a task like this. You mean to tell me NO ONE in the committee could do it, resorting to having to rope in a non-committee member (aka me) to help?  Then what are the members for?! Educate me please.

I’m sure everyone has their day-jobs, but if you split this assumed 200 into 4 parts for 4 persons, everyone only has 50 to do. Wouldn’t that make the process faster and more efficient?

If NONE of the committee members have got the time for this, then pray do tell, what the hell are the committee members for?

If anything, the head of the organisation should step up to take over these menial tasks when the situation calls for it. If he/she cannot do it, I don’t see how or why this person deserved to be the head in the first place.

Did I mention these letters and cards were already severely overdue when I was entrusted with them?

Emails sent to me had bounced because they had been sending them to the wrong email address, but strangely, they didn’t take any initiatives to call me despite having my number. Instead, they repeatedly sent emails to the address that was bouncing back these mails.

And I don’t even want to mention how two members were exchanging complains about how “working” for this organisation is a “thankless job”, and somehow did not thank me either for volunteering to do this for them. Talk about pots calling kettles black.

Charity work isn’t always meant to be thanked. You do it because, from the bottom of your heart, you want to. No one forces anyone else at gunpoint to do it. If you had decided to be part of the organisation, do what is required of you and don’t expect any returns.

And if you are churning out shit work for this organisation because it is “thank-less”, I think the world will be better off without your “charity”. Go stick to your day job that thanks you with a paycheck every month.

Before you take this post the wrong way and think that I am “complaining” about doing charity work, let me explain: I am just very bewildered by the whole situation of having committee members, but requiring the help of “outside people” to help complete simple tasks like these.

I don’t expect thanks from who I am helping (because they are not human), but I guess I expected some sort of appreciation from the human committee members. I was pretty much given the necessary materials, and then told to scoot.

It’s 3am, I have a dirty pot sitting that’s been sitting on the stove for the last 2 days, a dirty cloth diaper on the washing machine, soiled cribsheets and baby clothes waiting to scrub clean, bedsheets waiting to be changed, laundry waiting to be hung up after being washed, but I am doing this for them instead. Why? Because I spent the last two days working on my writing assignments, and even though I have a hundred things to do around the house, I’m not accountable to anyone for them. Hubs doesn’t nag me because even the blind can see I am truly busy.

When I agree to do something for someone, I intend to fulfill it to my best ability. And if I am unable to, I inform the person I’m accountable to. I don’t see why the committee members cannot do the same.

If you dare to tell me it’s because I am “very free because I am a SAHM”, I’ll tell you to go eat shit and die. Come here and step in my shoes before you spout bullshit.

I am currently only thankful I didn’t get any papercuts from folding those letters. If I do, I would definitely understand why people are not keen on doing charity work. :mrgreen:


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