If I already have everything, then why do I still keep buying?!

I don’t know. And it’s time to find out.

Countless online quizzes and articles proved that I am not (yet) suffering from shopaholism. If anything, I am just a borderline case. And no, I didn’t cheat on the quizzes. Nash sat with me through them.

  • I don’t hide purchases from my spouse. (Except probably from my Uncle Henry, but he is not my spouse.)
  • I have not (yet) gone knee-deep in debt due to excessive buying, but that’s probably because I’m such a cheapskate who targets mostly sales and clearance items. I would have gone crazy at the Cotton On 50% off sale, if not for the fact that the $53 Swissotel mooncakes we bought could only be unrefrigerated for 2 hours before they go *kaput*. Shopaholics aren’t really supposed to be logical when it comes to shopping (especially during sales).
  • I never (and I mean never) buy stuff that I won’t use. I wear every single one of the 2379073 (exaggerated figure, of course) pieces of apparel I own. I use every toiletry item in rotation. Shoes have always been bought to match some clothing item anyway, so in rotation as well. Shopaholics would often buy stuff that they would not use. I’m not one. Waste money meh?! šŸ˜•

Just now, I came out from my shower and starting hanging up my clean laundry in my wardrobe. I had to shove and push clothes away just so I can hang up some more. And I am running out of hangers (again).

Then I was slathering creams/lotions on myself, and I couldn’t find my breast stretchmark cream ā€” yes I have them damned stretchmarks on my titties too ā€” amongst all the bottles, jars and tubes.

Then I spent about 5 minutes wondering what I want to wear at home, and another 5 minutes finding a top that best matched my selected pair of bottoms.

Something was very wrong with this picture.

Then it hit me: If I already have so much stuff that a woman could ever possibly need ā€” since I don’t have any clothing item that had nothing to match it ā€” then why the hell do I still keep buying and buying?

Had I been trying to fill up an unknown void with all the buying? If so, what is it?

Have I been surviving on the high of buying and owning so much? Do I need it to be a less whiney and unhappy person?

Using eating as an analogy, it’s as if I have already eaten my fill but still don’t know when or how to stop. But no one thinks I am truly addicted to shopping, because I have never (and probably will never) get irrational about it. So if that’s the case, why oh why do I just keep buying when I am already running out of wardrobe space?!

Thus commences my long ardous journey of self-reflection and self-discovery…


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