Should I shift?

Ok. Basically drama happened that clashed between my work as a writer and my personal blog, and I feel obliged to “move house”. But I am really really not interested to set-up a new blog all over again with the categories, page layout, template, sidebars and all.

So how?

I contemplated getting a personal domain (something I had wanted to do for yonks) but really am too el cheapo to want to pay anything to blog when I can do it totally free here.

I really really don’t want to “move house”, but I also don’t want to put my editor in a spot when more kaypoh boliao people start to complain to her about the posts in my personal blog. To be honest, I don’t even know how these people came to my blog (unless they are really so free to google up on me) and why they went to lodge complain with my editor.

It all seriously makes no sense.

The worse thing is how I never got a peep from anyone regarding what I wrote, but these people chose to go directly to my editor. For what?! Complaining to someone else, when they have a bone to pick with me, is just plain… juvenile.

Reminds me of how primary school kids would complain to the teacher instead of confronting their bully. Except in that scenario, it’s definitely smarter to go direct to the teacher. In an adult world, please have the decency and guts to confront the person you have an issue with instead of going roundabout.

I can’t say I have the least bit of respect for people like these.

So how? Move house arh? Then I will make sure I cannot be googled and URLs will be handed out to those whom I know have been reading my blog.

I have been contemplating quitting the “job” instead, because this blog is my outlet to share and vent all that happens in my life. I don’t see why I should have to move or private my entries just because some people have nothing better to do. And if they are really so hellbent on finding me online, they will succeed somehow anyway. So might as well just stay put.

Comments please!


12 thoughts on “Should I shift?

  1. hey shelley,

    screw those people lah. Consider setting password protection for your personal blog? I love reading your blog (this blog). And im not one for stalking people virtually (unless they’ve done something to piss me off), but if you ever do move house, i hope to be updated. 🙂

  2. Do what your heart tells you to do. Even if you were to shift your blog, with the advances of technology and people connection, i am sure the “new” address will be traceable. Somehow.

    If the job is important to you, and more important than the familiarity of your blog address and the avenue of your rants, then move to a new address.

    Anyway, people are always judgmental lah. They can never envision a woman strong in her emotional language, to be spewing out motherly advice. At the end of the day, in your own words, a turd is a turd.


    buzz me if you wanna holler.

  3. Ignore them shelly! Ya, no matter what if they wanna hunt your blog down, they can still do it.

    remain the way you are. they will get sick of it 😛

    i had something rather similar to your experience as well.

    this very free family member of my bf was SO FREE she came to my blog, didnt like what i wrote, and didnt confront me! she went STRAIGHT to creating trouble for me and his family.

    obviously i talked about how i felt on my blog(anger). better still, she emailed my whole url to her parents to read!

  4. seriously, the internet is not that wide either. if they really want to track u down and attack u like that, they can still do it, even when u move house. So, no point.

    If u really feel the need to get away from those vicious ppl, just password protect this blog. I think that shld be enough.

    No point losing your job over those insignificants.


  5. i’d say ignore. no point in losing your sanity without an outlet to vent, and its very true that people are judgemental, even if you move url/house/password protect, they will still be judgemental.

    might as well just be who you are, and show them the real you! (which me like a lot, coz me can relate me experiences with yours :D)

  6. don’t move la i like reading your stuff! besides everyone else is right.. so what if you move? there’ll always be people who can find you and start all that nonsense again

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