The “beauty” of the English language.

Some time ago, I bought five pairs of Old Navy cotton berms ($5 each!) from my favourite factory outlet “Song & Song” at Marine Parade. Basically, I bought every color they had to offer in my size, which was white, dark blue, lime green, pink and orange. On hindsight, I should have bought the brown one as well, but I already have a brown pair…

Anyways, these berms are knee-length and come with stretch waistbands, which are perfect for lounging around at home in 100% cottony comfort. I won’t accidentally expose my panties when I have to squat around Joshua to pick him up or bath him, and yet it’s not too warm on our permanent summer afternoons.

A couple of days ago, I broke into a strange rash at the back of my left thigh. Only one side, which is really odd. I’d presume if it’s due to dirty pants or seats, it’ll be both sides wouldn’t it?

So for the past couple of days, I’ve been pretty much living in these cotton berms so that my rash doesn’t get irritated by anything else. And as I shared with Hubs today, “These pants are GREAT for rash days.”

He said: “冲动的日子吗?”



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