Wedding dinners give me the jitters.

If there’s ever one thing that makes me uneasy from head to toe during a wedding dinner, is if the groom ever makes a public speech about how he is “happy that he could provide everything that the bride deserves”.

It makes my tummy flip inside out and I have the urge to bolt out the door and scream my lungs out.

The last time Hubs and I attended a wedding dinner, we nearly fell out because we never had a wedding dinner despite how much I wanted a decent one. Decent being the keyword here. Not some chapalang restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

In any case, I had then rejected the idea of holding the dinner on a weekday at some inconvenient (and unknown) restaurant, so the affair was reduced to a simple home buffet at both sides (mine and his parents) while we shuttled both sides to do the customary rites.

Fortunately my MIL had insisted on a pretty bridal gown, for pics to be taken, and for us to have a nice Benz (or was it BMW) limo to chauffeur us to and fro. Otherwise, I’d really have nothing lah.

Anyway, I digress.

I always had this bugging issue whenever the groom mentions anything similar to the statement because I always had this niggling feeling that I wasn’t worth it and thus I was not given a wedding dinner and the whole hotel shebang. And I would be lying if I told you I’m not sore about it.

Most people only get married once (if nothing screws up) and we all want it to be a grand memorable affair. I’m only a little girl who had dreams of pink/white balloons, beautiful flower arrangements and a red carpet to waltz down in front of our guests… But *sigh* I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

But this time round, I saw how everyone was stuffing their faces and wasn’t really celebrating the newly married couple per se. What a large amount of money wasted just to treat people to a meal to celebrate. I wonder why I didn’t see it earlier. But pfffffffft I still want a wedding dinner lor!

Anyway, when the groom made his speech to thank the friends/family involved, he said the dreaded statement: “I am very happy I was able to provide everything that my dear wife deserved.”

WTF. 😕

I confronted Hubs (you all should know my confrontational behaviour by now) and said snidely, “I no wedding dinner, so does it mean I don’t deserve it?”

And for the first time, he said in response, “It’s because you deserve way more than I can afford.”

Awwwwwwwwww. 😳

I am a sucker for sweet-nothings, and you can probably get away with murdering me if you’d just sweet-talk me. :mrgreen:

But I still want my GRAND 10th wedding anniversary celebration hor!! And my 1-carat bling! (This is not to stress you, it is a reminder. You still have 6.5 years to go.) *tick tock tick tock*


N.B. I should give Hubs one alcohol drink a day so he will sweet-talk me daily. :mrgreen:


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