memorable me

I bumped in an ex-classmate I haven’t seen for almost THREE years. She tapped my shoulder when I was at the mall and we did a bit of catching up.

In her own words: “Your hair is so short I almost couldn’t recognise you! But your headphones, and your boots, and the way you walk, I guessed it was you so I took a second look. I remembered you had a boot fetish.”

Yeah. Some things don’t change. :mrgreen:

On a related note, this China staff at my nearest 7-11 store remembers specifically that I buy (and smoke) Sampoerna Menthols. Despite the fact that I hardly buy my smokes there due to their overpricing β€” I probably pop by no more than twice a month in the dead of the night β€” he remembers me and would always smile at me and ask me: “Sampoerna Menthol?”

I don’t know if I should feel flattered or freaked out. But most of me is freaked out because a stranger I’ve never spoken to shouldn’t recognise me so well. He remembered me from the days when I had long long hair, and even recognises me after I went botak. πŸ˜•

And last night, when Hubs and I went to 7-11 together after a late dinner, the guy was wiping the glass door and immediately broke into what Hubs described as “a shy smile” when he saw me.

Hubs now affectionately calls the guy my “小白脸” (translated: “gigolo”). πŸ˜•

I’d like to think people remember me well because I am truly unique in my own way. :mrgreen:


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