Paying a limb to party.

I was doing my senseless online trawling and I chanced upon this upcoming event called “Megadance Singapore – A racing party” that sounded pretty promising.

A quick search at the Sistic website revealed that tickets started at an exorbitant $100! And that is if you pre-order the tickets between 26 August to 10 September. If you dilly-dally and only decide to go on the event day itself, tickets will cost you a whopping $250! Of course, it’s only common sense that tickets to the event’s MEGAluxe LOUNGE will cost you $400.

WTF?! 😯

Event organisers call it “the mother of all parties”, but why do I have a feeling that it will be “the mother of failed parties”? It could never beat the outdoor high of ZoukOut (not like I’ve been there, but I swear I’ll be at the next one) and let’s face it, where are the smokers to go for their fag breaks?! As if having to step out of certain clubs to smoke isn’t bad enough, smokers who attend this “hippest and largest party in town” would most definitely have to go down 6 levels and step out of the entire Suntec building.

After scruntinising the DJ line-up, I am sad to say I am not the least bit impressed especially with the kind of price they are charging. And I am quite sure the price does not include alcohol, that is, if alcohol is even served on the premises.

I am waiting for news reports on what a failure the party was, because I really don’t know anyone who would pay that kind of money just to be part of a “happening” party. 😆


One thought on “Paying a limb to party.

  1. I don’t know much about dance parties, but my classmate from Australia constantly rants about God’s Kitchen in Australia. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it.

    He claims it’s the mother of all parties. One of his friends actually tore a ligament while dancing non-stop for hours and hours.

    shell says: Wah lan eh. That IS a party! Very very shiong party some more.

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