Things that make me happy.

In my quest to search for my lost state of permanent happiness, I have decided to (once again) make a list of the things that make me happy. In no ranking order whatsoever:

  • Body pampering — Manicures, pedicures, spa (not like I’ve been to any yet), massages, etc. The only downside is how the staff servicing me could possibly piss me off somehow.
  • Dancing the night away — I don’t really care where or how. If only Hubs could make it home on time, then I could join Pam at her Zumba classes. 😦
  • Tastebud temptations — That is probably how I grew from a size 8 to size 12 over these years.
  • Wildchild faves — Ciggies + good alcohol. Ho ho ho. *head bangs*
  • Hearing Joshua’s laughs — Pity he can’t possibly laugh all day long.
  • Shopping —You didn’t think I would leave this out, would you?
  • Writing nonsense in my own blog — Your brain can’t think about much else but the content itself. Fantastic distraction, and works like storage for my 1001 thoughts so I never forget what is important to me.
  • Surprises — Of course, the good ones and not the bad ones.
  • Presents — Who doesn’t like them?
  • Good sex — I am only human…
  • Free hugs — I’m a sucker for affection. Even virtual ones make my heart go fuzzy.
  • Feeling good about how I look — I am superficial woman. Remember that. :mrgreen:
  • Car rides — With the windows down, music up, and hair flapping crazy in the wind. No more hair though. 😦

I could link to previous posts supporting my list above, but honestly I can’t be bothered.

For the last few days, I’ve been too busy feeling lousy whenever Hubs goes to work and suppressing the urge to binge on food/alcohol/shopping/clubbing. Fortunately, running low on budget has its advantages to curb those. Still probably logical, so the situation is still not that bad.

If only I had some sort of hair on my head, I would probably head to the salon and do something to it. I always do after some traumatic event. My hair isn’t even long enough to do hair extensions right now, but I am guessing I should be able to turn it a shade of BRIGHT RED (like what Hubs had) just for the sake of doing something to it.

Right now, I guess a nice smelling long shower would have to suffice.

Then maybe tomorrow, I’ll hit the largest Cotton On store in Singapore (at Novena Velocity if you wanna know) for a bit of guilt-free super cheap shopping. $50 can buy me ALOT of stuff from there! Then if that still doesn’t work, I’ll top it off with a $5.40 big bottle of Tiger Beer from the coffeeshop. :mrgreen:

I don’t think I’ve look forward to the next day as much I am feeling now. I think I may be stealthily feeling better! *yippee*


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