My first gym session!

No pics cos I didn’t bring a cam and honestly was not in the mood to camwhore in any way cos I had barely slept 2 hours before running late to the gym to meet Pam for Rumba class.

It was my first time at a gym (excluding the one in secondary school I used to frequent) and my first time joining a workout class!

I swear somewhere between 30 minutes and 45 minutes into the class, I was 90% ready to throw in the towel and call it a day. But my ego refused to flop down like a deflated engine to splutter and cough unglamly in front of the whole class, so I mustered up whatever bit of energy I had left and completed the 1-hour long class.

I think at least my hip movements were on par and socially acceptable. :mrgreen:

I would have loved to stand in front of the mirror so I could see what the hell I was doing with my limbs, but amongst the backdrop of many other slim women, I chickened out and let Pam bask in the glory of having the whole mirror to herself. If I had to see my own flab jiggling, I swear I would run right out of the class and never look back. I am not a pretty sight with this hay on my head and plenty of flab a-jiggling while I keep up with the instructor’s moves.

But I am trying to do some cardio in gym and to BURN BABY BURN the fat away. *Shoo!*

I sweat so much that my top stuck to my back uncomfortably, so I took it off and waltzed to the women’s locker room in my sports bra and pants. At that point, I really didn’t care much about the flabby midsection lined with stretchmarks, I was uncomfortable and I couldn’t care less. Heh heh. I just hope I didn’t traumatise the fellow gym-goers with my untoned bod.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone even gave two hoots. I’m sure plenty of physically unperfect people hang out in the gym to regain their figures, and everyone would be used to it by now.

Anyway, I started feeling really good and refreshed after a shower and was even contemplating going for another class. But hunger beckoned and we lunched.

Tomorrow, I am journeying to gym again with Pam and her friend, Alex, for “Fly Wheels” (aka “Spinning”) class!

I might just end up being addicted to gym classes. But membership fees are so expensive, I could never really psycho myself to sign up. After my 1 month trial membership, I’ll probably have to say bye-bye to California Fitness forever. 😦

Meanwhile I will milk for 1-month membership for all it’s worth. I’ll join every class I’ve ever been interested in! Here’s the list:

  • Capoiera
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance-A-Mania
  • Beach Body (who doesn’t want one?!)
  • Body Combat
  • Tae Bo
  • Cardio Groove
  • Zumba
  • Latina Flava
  • Supa Street (Hip-hop dancing in the gym!)

My body analysis states I have 9.5kg of FAT to lose before I become “perfect”. Physical trainer says I have to work on my core muscles (aka mid section), tone up my upper body, and do cardio to BURN BABY BURN. I have no water retention, and my metabolic rate is normal.

I actually thought I would be in worse shape than I thought.

According to the gym’s professional advice, my target weight should be around 64kg. Any less and my body will be “unbalanced”. My personal target is around 65kg. (I am 72kg now and slightly overweight.) I guess I did know myself quite well to estimate my preferred weight so well!

If I’m hardworking during this 1-month, I may never even need to go back to gym again! Pam says it is definitely achievable to lose 5kg over a month with controlled diet and appropriate exercise. Then the remainder 3kg, I’ll just have to work it off out of the gym.  Jiayou to me!


4 thoughts on “My first gym session!

  1. I tried milking the 1 month free gym membership years ago, and I ruined my knees.

    Just be careful to control your “kicks” during Body Combat (I did that one super a lot). Don’t “fling” your shin forward, do a controlled step and kick.

    Warm up properly, warm up properly, warm up properly. Stretch everywhere, especially the hamstrings and the thighs (dunno what muscle la).

    For the dance classes, careful to control your core (tummy la), tighten when you need to shake hips in any way (experience from bellydance) so as not to hurt your spine (will backache de).

    For the yoga/pilates classes, just listen to your body, any sharp pain and you should just release the action slowwwwwly, not jerk it to the more comfortable position. Watch the back alignment, don’t slouch and try to keep the spine straight (unless action requires you to round your back (yoga experience also ahaha).

    shell says: I don’t “fling”. Tak glam.

    I always warm up and stretch cos cramp halfway also very tak glam.

    Thanks for the tip on yoga/pilates though. I never ever tried them before. Hope I don’t cramp up somewhere somehow. 😆

  2. wa…sounds really good leh. The memberships I signed up in the past ALL went to the drain coz I was too lazy lah. Very heartpain when i think of it. So, make full use of the free trial membership! JIAYOU!

  3. Another thing – hydrate hydrate hydrate! Drink water before you go to a class, continuously sip it during the class.

    I experienced throat drying up on me 5 mins after lesson starts and cough like mad!

    shell says: Wah, you pro lor. Everything you do before. 😆

    I take a sip of water in between songs (cos I was in dance class mah) and slowly swallow it. Don’t forget, I also used to train/exercise before I started working like a dog then got married then had baby. :mrgreen:

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