If I just shower now and head out, I’ll reach gym nicely at 6am when they open up for the day. šŸ˜†

I didn’t make it for “Fly Wheels” class on Sunday cos I started puking/pooing. Must have been the dinner we had, cos Nash had the same symptoms. Times like these, I really wish we had 2 toilets in the house instead of one so one wouldn’t need to hold out while the other went.

We did bring Joshua out to Geylang Serai with us, so he could kaypoh the pasar malam. He’s got the makings of a HDB kid at heart, cos he loves pasar malams and the bustling activity that goes on. Despite constantly scratching himself all over due to excessive sweating in the stuffy tentages, he still had a pretty good time.

We all had a late dinner at Big Splash’s Carl’s Jr, and he really liked the sofa and coffee table setting.

I am somewhat ashamed to say he likes Zappel alot. Just like his mother. :mrgreen:

I realise I have yet taken pictures of Hubs’ countless birthday presents from yours sincerely, and also yet uploaded the pictures of the surprise present he gave me for our Sept 11th this year. I’ve been busy what! So busy that I have stopped holding sprees, and been tompang-ing a friend of mine (Hi Sabreena!) to help me buy stuff instead. I intend to eventually bug her to open a Hot Topic and Bodycandy spree so I can tompang some more. :mrgreen:

I keep having the urge to run out to gym even though I am sore all over from the workout on Saturday. If there’s any form of addiction that is good, I think this might be it. Although I know I would never be able to workout so much that I get testosterone overdrive or other side effects. I’m just too fat and lazy for that.I’d applaud myself if I can make it there thrice a week.


One thought on “WTF IT’S 5AM!!

  1. Try not to let too many days pass in between workouts. The soreness is called the “Day after pain” which is normal for muscles which aren’t used to being worked on a regular basis.

    Cap your non workout days to a max of a 2 day break. Ie U went on sat. The next time, latest is Tuesday to get moving again. Latest.

    It would let your body work up and rest accordingly and give you a regular 3 day schedule.

    If you’re not going to the gym, do anything or anything that u can that you can work up the intensity for an hour – jog/speedwalk/home exercise video/dance/climb steps/whatever. Just do something.

    And then maybe if you’re really going to stick to this for this month, we’ll talk about your diet in the meantime. Talk to you later.

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