My son is a nagger.

I don’t know if I should feel consoled or irritated that my son — my dear 15 month old Joshua baby boy — would remind me DAILY to take my antenatal vitamins, just so that I can give him a baby.

I recall a couple of weeks ago he had asked me what the pills were for, and I told him I have to take them so we can make a healthy baby for him. He immediately popped the folic acid pill into his own mouth and grinned at me.

I quickly dug into his mouth to retrieve my pill and told him: “No! Mommy has to take the pill, not YOU. Because the baby grows inside mommy, remember?”

So from that day onwards, he reminds me EVERY SINGLE DAY to take my vitamins. And if I don’t, he kicks up a HUGE fuss and complains to his daddy. 😕

He even STARES at me and makes sure I take the correct amount (2 Blackmores Pregnancy pills and 1 Obimin) and will even offer me his water bottle so I can swallow down the pills easier. Then he pats my head after that, smiles at me, and toddles away.

I wonder if I gave birth to a son, or a nanny.


3 thoughts on “My son is a nagger.

  1. Joshua is simply awesome. See how much he loves you.

    I need a kid who can remind me if my 6-pack is in the fridge for more than 3 days.

    shell says: I am still pondering if it is love, or selfishness.

    It’s like a kid who reminds you to save money just so you can bring him/her to Disneyland. The eventual purpose is not exactly for YOUR good.

    I am wary of your future children turning alcoholic under the influence of you and Jessie.

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