Boos & Yays

Boo 1: No more Evian?!

I used to get a cheap supply of Evian Brumisateur from Mustafa, 14oz (the largest size available) for S$10.90. Last checked 2 days ago, they are officially out of stock until further notice.

Raids at other places that sell it shows the price has increased heftily since the revamp of the bottle design.

The worst thing is how I cannot find the largest 14oz bottle around!! I basically share the bottle with Joshua so we really need to huge-ass bottle around at home lah. He uses it to “wash face”, cool down on warm days, a quick way for me to “wash” his poopy bum, etc etc. And I relied heavily on it when I was pregnant and permanently itchy around my tummy area.

How how how?!

I cannot even purchase online for it to be shipped to Singapore, because it’s a pressurised bottle and cannot be shipped by air. πŸ˜•

Boo 2: Gym trial will expire in 25 days

I feel sad when I think of my 1-month trial gym membership ending. I really enjoy the classes despite looking so serious 90% of the time. It’s because I’m trying to breathe and concentrate lah!

I’m amazed how I’m willing to go back and be “tortured” again when I usually pretty much hate exercising. But it’s so fun, it doesn’t really feel like exercising until my face turns red like a lobster and I sweat like a pig. It’s not even about weight loss or improving stamina anymore, it’s just FUN and active me-time instead of the usual “Oh I’m online again” me-time.

But I can’t/won’t sign up because:

a) I’m so ultra cheapo and the fees are ridiculous. They charge $399 for “joining fee” and $98 for “processing fee”! And it excludes GST and monthly fees ok?! :rolls: And you wonder why women rather sign up for slimming packages… Cos it really is cheaper. πŸ˜†
b) we may be relocating to Vietnam early 2009 if all goes well with Hubs’ job offer then my gym membership will be useless.
c) Pam says if I’m still around in Feb next year, she has a way to get me in cheap. :mrgreen:

Boo 3: Blur cock

I left my lock in the locker I was using at the gym. And I only realised it 2 hours later. Power lor.

Boo 4: Stupid Sunny Island

The weather is so warm it’s getting us all cranky. Joshua pretty much goes to shower/bath and doesn’t want to come out. Definitely my genes. :mrgreen:

Boo 5: Storage for “Special” clothes

The “special clothes” I got some time ago finally got collected from Sabreena’s and Hubs said to put them into storage when the need arises. 😦 I wonder when I can finally be able to wear them.


Yay 1: Hubs is so understanding

I realise I now own more pants than skirts. And despite how Hubs prefers me to be in skirts, he doesn’t grumble the least bit because he knows it’s more practical for me to chase around a little monkey-boy wearing pants.

Yay 2: Hubs knows me best

Hubs didn’t bat an eyelid when he saw the amount of presents I gave myself with my paycheck. (Everything was on clearance with additional discount!) And when I asked him about it, he said he kinda expected it. Hubby knows me best!

And he even sat through my private fashion show patiently whilst toggling between his work and commenting on my outfit. Happy! :mrgreen:

Yay 3: Joshua can self-feed!

Joshua can feed himself an entire mini snowskin mooncake without squishing it and making a horrid mess! *beams proudly* And he has also been practising feeding himself with an empty spoon. For a full 15 minutes! *beams proudly again*

If there’s anything my boy is good at doing, it’s eating. Definitely my genes again. :mrgreen:

He’s been very keen on self-feeding β€” probably because I’m usually busy stuffing my own face instead of feeding him β€” and understands that practice makes perfect, thus only with the empty spoon. Otherwise he plays cheat and picks up the food using his hands and feeds himself that way. :rolls:

Yay 4: Joshua has FOUR new teeth!

At a routine “Tickle the Joshua Boy” session today, I saw…. 4 FRICKIN MOLARS!! ONE ON EACH SIDE!!

Apparently that has been the cause of his crankiness, constant tiredness and loss of appetite. And all of us were so lousy to have not noticed until all FOUR of the frickin molars have already broken halfway through the gum. πŸ˜•

Now I finally understand why there was a period of time when he refused to let me brush his teeth no matter how I coaxed/threatened/warned him. Must be sore gums lah!

Yay 5: Vroom-vroom

I like to sit car. Nuff said. :mrgreen:

Yay 6: Stretch Marks Be Gone!

I love how the FADE OUT stretch mark cream has been working out for me. The train tracks on my tummy are barely visible now! And I haven’t even been using it rigorously! I use it when I remember and when it is convenient for me to be creamed cos *ahem* certain nocturnal activities get a bit sweaty and it starts to turn the cream all sticky after a while. :mrgreen:

I started seeing results after 3 generous applications, and at $9.90 a tube (from my favorite Mustafa), I don’t think anyone would mind slapping on a bit more lor. No need to neow cos bery cheap only!

I’ve been passing some to the babes who would need it due to weight loss and I’m hoping it works out wonderful for them as well! So far the response I got is how it smells very nice and isn’t oily/sticky. And that’s exactly what I love about it. Palmer’s Stretch mark cream is overrated. It left a sticky residue and, most importantly, DIDN’T WORK AT ALL. In fact, it made me more itchy than ever when I was still pregnant with Joshua. Now I use the huge amount leftover to moisturise my elbows/heels/feet, which thereafter I have to wear socks cos the darn thing so oily I will slip and fall. πŸ˜•

Babes! Let me know how the cream works out for you ok?


P.S. I had to “squeeze” out more Yays than Boos just so I have more reason to rejoice. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “Boos & Yays

  1. OMG i want the stretch mark thing!!!

    and hor, since you know where to get the palmer’s stretch mark thing, you know where to get their cleansing soap? been searching through the pharmacies in SG for it, but cannot find. it is about 50 bucks a bar.

    if you see it can teow me? then i teow my parents to buy for me!! teehee.


  2. I’m glad u’re enjoying class. Its very enjoyable having u there too! Heck! I even stayed the whole day in town and wore wet gym gear to wait for u okay! hugs.

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