Cheeky Cleaner get make-up goodies.

I proclaimed to Hubs: Wah, the water I used to clean the floor is damn black lor!

Hubs: So what does that mean? *shoots me an accusing look*

Me: It means the floor is damn clean now! :mrgreen:

But it’s true!! All the dirt went into the water already!!


And it’s damn good to be Hubs’ wifey cos a day of cleaning and packing has won me….. the right to get 2 make up brushes!

Ok lah, from now on going to be damn broke, so 2 make-up brushes is a good present ok? :mrgreen: I am not picky as long as the present is something I want and is (hopefully) useful at the same time.


And love love to Sab whose giving me pressies! I need to give her Teacher’s Day present next year for being such a fab make-up guru to make-up n00b me. (I can’t differentiate finishing powder from pressed powder.)


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