Becoming a woman/wife/mother.

I’m starting to relate to this blog post by Stay-At-Home Mom

Just now, I was chatting (or rather, angrily complaining about the “charity work” thingy) with Pam when I told her “Brb. I go toilet.”

On my way to pee, I:

  • went to turn on the air-con in our room,
  • pushed my bedside table away so I could find my diamond earrings that Joshua had swept off the tabletop,
  • saw the amount of dust under the bedside table, so took the MagiClean mop to “sweep” away the dust,
  • found lots of clothed rubber bands underneath,
  • took all the bands that were still stretchy (8 of them to be exact) to the sink and washed them,
  • hung them up to dry,
  • threw away the “expired” overstretched ones,
  • went to wash my hands and remove my contacts,
  • soaked up Joshua’s Bumwear and the insert,
  • used Joshua’s dirty bathwater to wash out the pail I used for mopping floor yesterday,
  • scrubbed said pail with Jif (now known as “Cif” but I am just used to calling it Jif)
  • scrubbed Joshua’s plastic bathtub with Jif and remaining bathwater,
  • soaked Hubs’ cargo berms in the washed pail cos Josh puked on it yesternight.

Then I finally went to pee.

What can I say? I have developed into a special human breed called “woman”. :mrgreen: Very hardworking ne!


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