Case of the repeatedly broken mobile.

If you haven’t already know, my mobile is broken. Again. Despite the fact that it just came out from the service centre weeks ago.

This time round, the issue is much more serious. The keypad is jammed/stuck/frozen/whatever, so the keys simply don’t respond to any of my fervent desperate pressings.

So in short, you can sms me, but I won’t be able to reply your sms. You’ll have better luck calling me, cos if the phone is “closed”, I will be able to pick up your call by “opening” the clamshell phone.

Still not entirely useless, but… just not working the way it should be lah. 😕

I still don’t know what phone to get next, and logically, if the phone had been fixed so recently (and supposedly with firmware upgraded) and it still cocks up, I think quite gone case already.

I don’t have a spare phone to fall back on, because dearest Hubs lost his mobile phone on the day we brought Joshua to Go Go Bambini and he is using that phone now.

Tamade. Really hor, when you suay, you is really suay. Must tap into the power of the universe.

*mumbles to self*

I is lucky! I will strike lottery!:mrgreen:


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