It must be hard to be a baby…

Because when you want something, you can’t voice it out specifically and have the adults understand you.

Until Joshua learns how to speak in a slightly more legible way, I can only sympathise with his frustration. Either that, or I have to find some way to be 100% psychic.


When we had told him Wednesday was a public holiday and offered to bring him out, he had been so enthusiastic about it, nodding and babbling so excitedly.

But on Wednesday itself, he started to waver and seem so unkeen on our decision to go out.

I know in his little head, he had his own plans. Maybe a particular place he wanted to go to, a particular restaurant he wanted to eat at, or a particular activity he preferred. But he couldn’t say it in a language we could understand, and we could only make wild guesses.

We listed all the possibilities he might be thinking about, but seems that we didn’t hit the jackpot. He finally broke down and wailed after 2 hours.

I felt his helplessness and frustration, but there was nothing I could do. My heart hurt.

I laid him down in his cot, and spoke to him gently about how I know there is a particular thing he wants to do, but until he has learnt how to talk, it will be very difficult for us to know what it is. Meanwhile we can only give him what we best can.

He nodded, with his eyes still wet from the emotional breakdown, and understood that there was no other way around this.

I perked up my voice and raided his wardrobe for something nice to wear, while I enticed him with the idea of going out for sushi.“Shall we get you something nice to change into?”

He nodded happily; a grin emerging on his face again. And he chose a Baby Gap terry polo tee with red, white and blue stripes. I helped him pick out a pair of red matching shorts. And he was changed, happy and handsome.

The rest of the day went without a hitch, and we all retired home after dinner as a happy little family of three.

I only wonder how long we can go on like this before he finally combusts from the frustration. Fortunately, most kids have short memories, and I can probably safely hope he won’t get too fucked over by incidents like this.

I really really hope he can start communicating soon. And while we’re at it, starting to walk on his own will be another added bonus.


One thought on “It must be hard to be a baby…

  1. Well, sometimes to achieve what we want, it is good to have dreams, but working for it is another….
    Life is such, we can wish for many things, yet sometimes, if u take a step back and instead of putting our focus on what we don’t have, we are actually already very blessed with what we have. 🙂
    Maybe, just maybe, whenever you start buying a cheap thing that you don’t need, stop and ask yourself, maybe… maybe all these cheap things combined together can get you that one expensive thing you need.

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