So nice.

It’s a nice feeling to walk into Starbucks and the staff already knows what I’m ordering. She smiled at me when it was my turn, and said “Vanilla Latte. Hot. before I even had a chance to say hi. And I told her to grab a “whatever cake” for me cos I was starving after gym.

She got me an Oreo Cheesecake — “Our most popular”, she had said — and a Grande Vanilla Latte in a takeaway paper cup, just the way I like it. And I didn’t even had to tell her what size it was that I wanted. She already knew.

I feel like a privileged customer. Ho ho ho. :mrgreen:


And it’s nicer that my Uncle Henry offered to come and help with the charity thingy and he folded all the letters and slotted them into envelopes while I pasted the stamps and insert the directory card into the envelopes.

Now we have 200 prepacked envelopes just waiting for me to address and prepare + slot in member cards!!

Except I can’t mail anything out until I receive the self-inking company stamp that was supposedly mailed out on Monday but I have yet received.


But it’s the nicest that Hubs automatically turns to his side to spoon me when I rub his tummy towards my direction. As if it’s so natural to be snuggly. 🙂


One thought on “So nice.

  1. Always nice to be remembered. I think I am enjoying this “star treatment” every single day when i go to the mama-shop or kopitiam. I don’t even need to say a single word, and they whipped out my Viceroy Menthol Lights immediately.

    A few times, kopitiam auntie saw me coming from a distance. By the time I reach the counter, my pack is already sitting on the deck. How lovely! Even Al-ameen’s 2 specific cashiers know what I want. Once I show face, automatically kopi packet!

    Now that’s what I call service! Ppl who remembers what their customers like, and I dare say not even some 5-star venues can offer this.

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