I am NOT a failure.

The whole reason why I would even begin to think my life (or my person in its entirety) as a failure, is because the society and my mother — who deems anything below 70 as “unsuccessful” — all stand on the same side of the scoring board.

Over here in this country we live in, if you don’t have a car, don’t live in private estate and can’t afford luxury goods, you’re not “successful”. And despite how much I logically see it all as bullcrap, I have unfortunately been consumed by the idea of consumerism and standard of living.

So I spend half my time feeling like a loser. And it has to stop right now.

I have things that people can only dream of having, and all that being things that cannot be bought or exchanged with money. And I’m not the one who is a “loser”, it is those people who wave their money around as if it’s their big ticket out of every real issue in their lives.

But this sorting out of my feelings and thoughts… It will take time and a lot of effort. To erase the decades of brainwashing from my mother and the society. Or maybe I could just cheat a little by using Theta Healing.

Meanwhile, I will just be contented with being able to achieve this “breakthrough” in the first place. Many thanks to the patient Hubs who sat through 3 hours of my “digging” and providing suitable questions and counter-arguments that led to this discovery.

*Paging for Uncle Henry to call me when you read this!*


5 thoughts on “I am NOT a failure.

  1. Told friends over the years. As a man, you can earn the money and luxuries time and again. If you’re without a loving family, you’re still only half-successful.

  2. damn that means i am a failure too.. but oddly enough i feel like a smashing success. hur hur hur hur. conformity is so two seasons ago darling!! 😀

  3. Fiona’s comment is damn funny leh.. hahaha smashing success! hahaha I also feel like a smashing success.. IN SOMETHINGS.. but we can’t have them all eh. 🙂

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