some perks of gymming

Despite my sporadic gymming, I must say I have seen some benefits.

I now have more energy, am less cranky (although I’d like to think I was never cranky to begin with) and have somehow oddly acquired an unexplained body “itch” if I don’t break into a sweat somehow.

Thus we actually cleaned up the front windows over the last weekend because that would make me break out in sweat. 😆 A bit ki siao, if you know what I mean.

And the bestest benefit of working out is…

After some gym...

flatter tums!

Must pardon the blurry image and the *ahem* overflowing wardrobe. I’m not a very successful camwhore, and it is virtually impossible to use my digicam because my hands are still generally quite shaky and flash will reflect off the mirror BIG time.

Yippee to flatter tums! I must have crunched the fat away at home when I couldn’t get away to the gym. :mrgreen:

I know I will really miss my gym classes when my trial membership expires. 😦

There is a weird thing about this improved body though… I haven’t lost ANY weight at all! WTF. 😕

But seriously, does it matter that I’m a curvy 75kg fat ass? I think I’m hawt. (You can feel free to think otherwise.) :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “some perks of gymming

  1. Actually when you start going to the gym, your flabs start to tone up to become muscles. So in that case, you won’t lose any weight, as muscles weigh the same as fat (some unlucky ones even gain weight when they start to work out). But once the muscles have been built up, you’ll gradually start to lost weight, as you will be burning the excess fat then (which normally takes about a year or more) 🙂 Good luck in losing weight. Looking good!

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