dum dum humdrum

I think the whole reason why no one makes bicycle saddles with more padding — despite how everyone knows you hurt like fuck between your legs each time you get on one — is because there is some commercial secret to purposely make the saddle hurt you “down there” so you are completely distracted from your sore aching muscles.

The sad fact here is, despite turning up the resistance (please say “rey-zee-stahns” a la French pronunciation cos it’s so much more chic) levels, my leg are not as tired or sore as what I was told it would be.

I’d like to think my leg muscles are just more developed, thus the resistance (“rey-zee-stahns” please) towards getting sore. Although I will blame this unexplainable cramp in my womb area to 1 hour I spent on the frickin’ hard saddle. I now have difficultly lying tummy down. 😦


On a totally unrelated note, I’d like to be a Bergdorf Blonde please. I just need more hair on my head. (Seriously considering getting a wig for the heck of a hairstyle change.)

Could someone leave me a hundred million dollars in my trust fund please? I can’t be a Bergdorf Blonde unless I’m rich, chic and blonde (duh).


2 thoughts on “dum dum humdrum

  1. Your legs didn’t hurt because we were doing FAT BURN class on a fat road. Haha I told u it was boring!

    Maybe next time, we’ll go for intervals and hills. That one really kills the legs.

    shell says: What next time? Membership expired already lo. *LOL* You’re back to gymming by yourself!

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