Lessons For New Mums

My latest published article at The Asian Parent:

A self-employed friend of mine recently had her second child. One day, sometime in her third trimester, I casually asked her if she intended to breastfeed her baby. She had tried with her first child unsuccessfully, and shared her intention to “try harder” this time round.

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4 thoughts on “Lessons For New Mums

  1. As I read your articles, I can pretty much imagine you reading it out to me bc you write like how you talk.

    Good one though. Keep it coming.

    shell says: Does that mean I speak well? Cos if my editor can pass my writing, means my speech is pass also lah! :mrgreen:

  2. excellent article…sorry for the long hiatus…had to sort out a rough patch…*sheepish smile*

    shell says: I was starting to think you evaporated off the face of the Earth… MSN me when you’re free. 🙂

  3. lol, no that’s not her, although she is a yummy mummy too. If you look at my photos on Facebook, you might spot the yummy mummy and her kids 🙂

    I visit her blog regularly – I love her diaper cakes! 😀

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