Yippee (sarcastically)

Hubs went and got the fan blade propeller for the broken fan, so now we have wind wind winddddd! :mrgreen:

And I have 3 packages under 1 AWB (airwaybill) number, which 1 package was delivered on Monday evening, 1 package was delivered on Tuesday morning, and 1 package is officially M.I.A. DHL Singapore thinks it’s somewhere in one of the DHL USA warehouses but they can’t confirm it “due to time difference”. I thought all these companies worked 24/7?!

Called F21, was put on hold for 18 minutes (my phone has a timer). F21 claims not to have received my 1st email, requests that I email in my scan AGAIN. Which I did AGAIN. And they said I would get an email response to my email within 24 hours. Which is bullcrap because it’s more than 24 hours and I have gotten nothing back. My spreers’ items are all, like, just waiting to go OOS right now.

Amazon hasn’t shipped out either even though they said it’ll be shipped on Oct 13-14. Right now it is Oct 15 1.19am in Singapore, which means safely gauged as Oct 14 1.19pm in US. SO WHERE IS MY SHIPPING NOTIFICATION?!

I might end up pulling all my hair out when the orders finally ship and I have to do tons of refunds to spreers thanks to the slow processing and items OOS.

It has NOT been a good day.


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