Passion, rewritten.

Sporadic raindrops had started to fall while they were having drinks and a chat. They had to finish up prematurely because there was no shelter in sight and being caught outdoors in the rain just minutes away from home didn’t seem very appealing.

As they strolled home, she said, “You know, we never really did that making out in the rain thing like how they do it in the movies.” He chuckled at her comment.

After crossing the street, she stopped him at the carpark and kissed him deeply. It was dark, and with no one in sight, it was the perfect opportunity to let go of inhibitions and be “just like the movies”. A few breathless moments later, he broke away and said, “If you’re thinking it’s going to start raining suddenly, I say we’ll have to be here for much longer.”

While waiting for the lift, he started kissing her and didn’t stop until they both ended up at home and in bed. One thing just led to another…

As she lay on his shoulder, barely breathing from the passionate encounter that just ensued, she tried hard to recall when was the last time she had felt like that. “I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy,” she thought out loud.

He caressed her back gently and said with a contented smile, “That’s passion.”

And then he farted.

** Based on a true story **


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