Is it really THAT easy to win a 60″ LG HD Plasma TV?

A contest at EastCoastLife’s blog where apparently all you have to do is answer 10 questions that appear randomly in her blog posts, snail mail in your answers, and you stand a chance to win the huge-ass 60″ TV!

Bear in mind, when she states the deadline as 12 midnight, 25th October 2008, that means your entries should reach her by 11.59pm on 24th October 2008. Midnight marks the start of a new day, and a new date, so your entry should reach her on the night of 24th October.

Obviously, there is a way to “mail” your entries to her in time. Go to the mailing address, and drop it into the mailbox by hand. Obviously this will bypass any possible delay from Singpost, and who knows, you may even bump into her collecting her mail! :mrgreen:

So fasterly chop chop karipok, go collect the questions, answer them, and then deliver your entry to her mailbox!!

As of 3.43pm today, there are only 35 entries, so you may have a chance yet!

Anyway, it makes me curious, if a particular entry doesn’t have all the 10 correct answers to her questions, does that mean the entry is invalid? 😕


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