Would you like a son like mine?

One who can sit still on the couch as long as:

  • Hi-5 is showing on telly
  • Sesame Street is on telly
  • he has some snacks he wants

One who is very okay with skipping his usual iced milk because he understands that it will not help his tummyache.

One who picks something out of the dustbin, but very willingly accepts punishment (three hard smacks on the hand due to repeated offence) and nods silently in agreement when told “Mommy will smack you if you take the trash out from the bin”.

One who apologises by kissing mommy because he doesn’t know how to say sorry (yet).

One who understands simple instructions. Eg: “close the door”, “don’t play in mommy’s room” and “don’t go into the toilet when it’s wet”.

One who learns from mistakes instead of repeating them relentlessly.

One who always embraces each day with happiness and joy.

One who is open to compromises.

One who is understanding and will never make a fuss when I tell him I am not feeling well.

One who is brave enough to explore his curiosity, but does not overstep on boundaries as long as the lines have been drawn.

One who fasterly toddles to me when I am bent over the sink dry heaving my guts out, gives me a very concerned look, and caresses my face when I’m done. And he will only go away after I tell him I am okay. 🙂


I love Joshua so much, simply because he is the best baby boy any mother could ever wish for.

He had just asked for some milk (warm not iced, despite loving iced milk to bits) and nodded obediently when told he should nap after milk. No fuss, no struggle. So totally painless for me.

I am blessed. 🙂


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