Paperless reading?

I *love* this idea of paperless books and I hope they will bring the gadget to Singapore and make it fully compatible soon soon soon!

Imagine lugging 200 books with out with you everywhere you go, yet it only weighs as much as an average paperback book and takes up only a small amount of space in your bag! It gets me excited just thinking about it.

I love the idea of how we can all use less paper resources and, at the same time, have the convenience of a well-stocked library in a portable package. Which in the long run means: Saving the environment and our one and only Mother Nature, and lower costs for the “books” since there will be no paper, no ink and no printing costs!

And misplacing your books will be a thing of the past. Likewise for the dust collecting on your personal library, the need to buy bookshelves, accidentally making your books wet, musky smelling old books and so many more of the physical limitations that the conventional paper books bring.


Although I will admit there is something wonderfully rustic about the old-world charm that come with the musky smell of a well-stock library (think the huge library in “Beauty & The Beast”). And… if you lose your Kindle, you basically lose all your books lah. 😆


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