sizzle sizzle pop & fizzle

This story is very simple:

I bought a 1.5 litre bottle of Zappel. I reached home and opened up the bottle to top up my cup and drink the damn Zappel. The farking bottle was apparently somehow shaken badly prior (not by me) and it fucking exploded and landed its chaos on my table — unfortunately strewn with tons of stuff as usual — and almost the entire kitchen floor.

The cat went barking mewing mad and dashed insanely around the house, as I shrieked in shock and woke Joshua up from his deep sleep.

And the carpet got wet and I know not what to do with it.


Now I worry about an ant attack. 😕


4 thoughts on “sizzle sizzle pop & fizzle

  1. i always worry about an ant attack when things like that happen too!! but i’m more paranoid i think…even after cleaning it up, i’d still think there are spots that i’ve missed…and somehow ants will still come and haunt me…>.<

    i hope it didn’t destroy anything super important…

  2. Firstly. Baygon the area. Secondly. Wait for the ant trail then use baby powder and tap along the ant trail, cover the place which the ants are congregating and u’ll kill their trail.

    shell says: Cannot excessively baygon cos got kid and cat. But thanks for the tip!

  3. Instant bug-killer formula (works for anything with six/eight legs):

    Mix soap (can be detergent) with water and put it into a bottle with spray nozzle. It’s a miracle bug-killer! Throw away your Baygon already…

  4. Another thing my MIL swears by for bugs, esp flying and crawling kinds. You would not believe it but its..


    The one in the little red can. Seriously. It incapacitates the bug in about 10 seconds and literally HARDENS them up.

    She then proceeds to sweep/pick/wipe and dispose of them.

    So I have a can of Baygon and a can of hairspray in my hall. Most of the time.

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