Wardrobe OCD

I have this mental image that my next wardrobe would have to be at least 6 metres wide. The current one is 2.5 metres and… I don’t like how my stuff is squish-squashed together. 😕

Right now, I have some 4 scarves hung with my dresses and jackets. And another 3 hung together with my slips, robes and other supposedly kinky stuff that I wear indoors at night. Do you see a problem here? The categories are all mixed up!!

I don’t like how some of my tops get forgotten because I have to fold them up and stack them. Out of sight, out of mind. Then they just sit there and collect dust. Pffffft.

So in order to remember that I have tees, I started hanging them up instead. Then now I keep forgetting that I have tube tops cos I folded them for “compact storage”. Ugh.

Oh, and I also visualise that my next wardrobe would have to be the taller IKEA ones. My current ceiling is kinda low, so we could only buy the shorter ones, and then my tops and bottoms keep blocking each other’s way because the rails are not far apart enough.

It is time (again) to clear out stuff I haven’t worn in the past 6 months. Probably going to sell them off cheap (like $2 or something) at the next flea mart. Or post pics on my LJ to sell. Waaaaaay overdue.


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