Grey Area.

Oh how I wish everything was just black and white. Plain, simple and straightforward.

My period is approximately 4-5 days late, and it has never — I repeat, never — been late for more than 24 hours in the last 12 years that I have been menstruating. I have tested my pee sporadically for the past one week due to nausea, food cravings, sudden change in sleep cycles, frequent need to pee and other symptoms that make me/Hubs/Joshua believe that I may be pregnant.

But they all came out negative.

And I just ran a trip down to 7-11 and paid $14 for a Predictor test kit believing that it would give me a more accurate result. And it still came out negative. WTF WTF WTF.

My period has never been so late. NEVER.

If my period is not here, and I am not pregnant, then what is it?! And no, I have not been “stressed” despite what girlfriends have been telling me could be the cause of my late period. Stress does not make you pukey-puke and have sore tits. I have been pregnant a few times and everything I am feeling points to being pregnant.

I even have friends who, over MSN chats, have commented that my behaviour/mood is “damn preg”. Like how I suddenly see a joke as a joke. As if I dropped my sense of humor somewhere. And Joshua just started referring to himself as “korkor” even though we never call him that. 😕

If my period still doesn’t come by the end of the week, I think I might have a panic attack. Meanwhile, there is little to be done except to wait. My limited patience is running very low.

And yes, NOW I am stressed. How can I not be when period isn’t here (and doesn’t look like it’s coming at all) but I am not pregnant?!?! *tears at hair and screams*


UPDATE @ 11.39am, 5th Nov: Ok, my period is FINALLY here. My parts are not broken. *phew*


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