All’s well that swells well?

Maybe it’s just that I have a dirty mind, but each time I chance upon the brand “ALLSWELL”, I automatically translate it as “ALL SWELL” first before self-correcting it to “ALLS WELL”.

This, of course, starts a whole string of lame sex-related jokes between me and Hubs.

Hubs: Ooooh. If men drink this, they get an instant erection!

Me: Ooooooooh! And my tits will get bigger!

Is it just us? Or did the manufacturers really pranked on themselves by deciding on that brand name?

On a different brand name that has committed a similar boo-boo, there is this beauty product that I chanced upon flipping my monthly dosage of girly mags: ProSlimelt.

Once again, I burst out laughing insanely because I had read it as “Pro Slime It”. But no, further reading the copy showed that it’s supposed to be “Pro Slim Melt”. The company (or the ad agency that dealt with the ad campaigns) had cleverly decided to reuse the “m” in the word “slim”, thus leading to “ProSlimelt”.

The font used in the ad was similar to this font that I am using on my blog, which makes capital “i” look just like a regular “L”.

Proof: I looked into Llama-land.

See? The “i” and the “L” looks the sameeeeeeee.

😆 Stupid brand names.


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