1+1 = OMFG hawt

For a moment now, let’s just pretend that I am not a married woman with a 17-month old son.

There will be a new movie titled “Game” coming out next year and it stars both Michael C. Hall (of “Dexter” fame) and Gerard Butler (Sparta!!). Normally this sort of thing doesn’t get to me, but when you’ve watched enough sex scenes (including emulation of cunnilingus) starring Michael’s taut upper bod and scruffy good looks + plenty of bare-bodied Gerard (I don’t think he was ever properly covered in the movie) courtesy of “300”, your panties just turn into absorbent tissue.

Regardless of how trial screen tests foresee this film to be a flop, I will go and watch it wearing 2 pair of proper undies (not thongs) under a thick pair of denim jeans.


Yes, I am going all giggly bimbo lusty starstruck. Meanwhile as we await the arrival of the film, can I just borrow a famous saying from someone: “Will cream panties when this movie airs.”


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