Secret Santa!

I know this may sound a bit premature, but we have to plan for such things ok?! Open to all CBB members and bloggers, submit your names here if you wish to join!

[If you don’t know what Secret Santa is, please refer to Wiki page.]

Budget: Minimum S$20 per gift (so idiots won’t come and ask me Ringgit can or not)
Type of gift: Any, but if you don’t want your $20 to be wasted, then don’t buy stupid gifts like… smelly car fresheners. Prank/adult gifts are more than welcomed!
Date of gift exchange: 20 December 2008, Saturday.
Time: Afternoon to night (exact time to be confirmed later)
Location: Uncle Henry’s place @ Sophia Road (up the “mountain” from Peace Centre/Selegie area)
Final date for signup: 1st December 2008. Because I need to organise the Secret Santa list, prepare food/drinks for the Gift Day itself.

Nash will provide “shuttle bus service” from Peace Centre for those who don’t drive.

Kindly let me know if you all would like to have food on the Gift Day itself. Uncle Henry can book a BBQ pit within the condo premises and we can BBQ some food and have other cooked foods/desserts as well.

Please note that if you all want food, then you all have to probably pay about $5 per pax for the food unless we do pot-luck.


List of participants (as of 12 Nov, midnight):

  • Shelly
  • Nash
  • Uncle Henry
  • Jacq / Dowagr
  • EdEddEddy
  • Jason / TehSiSiuDai
  • Michelle / airpork
  • YunZ (tentative due to work)
  • Ginger
  • cowg0esM0o
  • JF (tentative)
  • ravenelle
  • 1121

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