Jolt to reality!

I was paying the mamashop guy for my purchases when I dug out my coins and asked him if he wanted the 5 cent coins. Trust me, 3 years living here (Gawd, has it been that long?!) and we’ve formed such a close bond to our mamashop man that we can “take first, pay later”. The family who owns the shop literally saw us as newlyweds, expectant parents, new parents, and now seasoned parents. Although we pretty much sped through the common dating-marriage-parents cycle, but I digress.

He told me there is less need for 5 cent coins ever since the papers have gone up to 80 cents a copy. But I reminded him that the fresh milk and bread still has pricetags that require 5 cents, and he laughed and said it’s true, but they don’t need 5 cents as much anymore.

On my way home from the shop, it hit me. You mean to tell me papers now cost 80 cents a copy?! Where was I for the last few years?! (Obviously been relying on TV and Internet for my news, but seriously, how could I not know?!)

I remember the days when my mother used to jolt me out of bed to go downstairs and get her a copy of papers. When that started in my late primary school days, papers were only 45 cents (or was it 55 cents?) and as the years went up the prices hit 60 cents. And then after that I refused wake up at ungodly 7am on a weekend to buy papers for my mother anymore. :mrgreen:

So what, since the prices of papers have nearly doubled, has the cost of other “necessities” doubled as well? Let’s see:

– Chicken rice was commonly $2, now usually $3 (50% increase)
– Coffee/tea at the coffeeshop was 60 cents, now usually 80 cents (30% increase)
– A carton of fresh milk was about $2.50, now it’s $4.95 (almost 50% increase)
– A loaf of bread used to be $1.05, now around $1.65 (50% increase)

WTF. Not really doubled leh. So why our papers so expensive huh?? Everyone should just ban the papers and read news online or via TV.


3 thoughts on “Jolt to reality!

  1. inflation lah…$$$ is so much “smaller” now
    btw, how come your sidebar don’t appear at the ‘side’ anymore, it’s ‘below’?

    shell says: Eh?! It’s on the side what! But I noticed sometimes if server busy and you load my blog, it’ll run down to the bottom. Free blog platform lah, cannot complain. 😆

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