I just don’t get it.

Like how some people can judge others when they don’t know this person in reality and choose to criticise them based on their blog. Like how people can “hate” Xiaxue just based on what she blogs about. How can you love/hate someone when you don’t even know the person?!

So just because someone chooses to blog uncensored about how nice their mother has been to them today (thus a “love love” post) and how their mother has been irritating them to no end on another day (thus a “hate” post), does it mean this person has “a problem”?? Doesn’t common sense tell them that moods can sway and vary?

Unless you (and you know who you are) can fucking swear you never felt varying degrees of emotions towards a person in your life, then please zip up your big mouth, lock it up, and throw the key into the sea.

I write what I feel, and what I feel varies everyday. No one has constant good moods or constant bad moods (ok, some rare few do, but that’s not the point).

If what you read on my blog irritates you so much that you have to dedicate entire posts to criticise me, then don’t come here. You’re not welcomed either. And to insult my son is totally uncalled for. If you don’t want people to find out about your blog then please use common sense and don’t put up any links to people’s blogs.

Everything is traceable on the internet, and I didn’t even need to put in any effort into chancing on your bitchy blog. Just a click on my referring links, and presto! your “limited access” blog just popped up.

I am not linking to your blog, because since you don’t give out the URL means you don’t want people intruding. And since you have photos of yourself in your blog, I don’t think it would be nice if people click on my link and realise they know you.

No, I’m not trying to win brownie points with you. I can’t be fucking bothered with someone like you. I just see no need to stoop to your levels of judging and criticising you like how you have done to me. You may be skinny now, but I hope you realise beauty isn’t just skin-deep. Inside, you might just be a really really ugly person.

And now I also gain insight as to why you have changed blog addresses multiple times in the past few years I’ve know of your existence. Must be all the bad-mouthing you do to people that forces you to move.


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