One too many drinks…

at Timbre @ Substation, “celebrating” Hubs’ colleague’s 22nd birthday. DRINKS ON THE HOUSE YAAAAAAAAAH.

Had beer (lost count of the number of bottles), Bloody Mary, and a Tequila shot.

The pizza is better at Ice Cold Beer. Seriously. Timbre’s pizza is way too doughy and powdery.

When the band played “Plush”, I swear I was 21 again. The last we heard a live band perform this song was at Bar Troppo on the day Hubs and I went down to pay the deposit for booking the pub to hold our ROM. Damn I feel old.

Yes, this is one of those “oh i am almost drunk but not drunk enough to slump unconscious somewhere” sort of posts. I picked up the “skill” from my dearest Fiona-nana, who almost never fails to blog something on the peak of her drunken-ness and then wake up next day to promptly delete the discriminating evidence of her alcohol high. CHEERS! πŸ˜†

Oh, Shirlyn & The Unexpected still rocks at Timbre, except their set only starts past midnight and by then most of the people are drunk or have gone home. Booooo.

And I know right now, if Josh was to wake and cry, I would immediately snap out of my alcohol-induced high and be totally sober to attend to him. Such are the requirements of a parent, and regardless of the amount of alcohol doused into my system, I just cannot shut off the maternal switch.


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