Whiner is as whiner does.

Yes, I may be a whiner. I may complain about 1,001 things about my Hubs, the world, the society, etc etc etc. But as far as whining goes, I don’t offend, judge, or criticise people whom I do not know. To put it simply, I do not simply say that Blogger XYZ is a brainless bitch simply because of what she blogs about. I don’t say it in the real world, I don’t say it in the online world.

I remember a time when I used to do that, but I think I’ve matured in a way.

With people whom I do know (sometimes called “friends”) I criticise them directly to their faces if the need arises, and vice versa. Ask Fionana how many times I have told her that she is hopeless romantic/lovelorn/slutty. I think we both have lost count. 😆 But when the serious shit hits, we’re right here behind each other. Friends tell the truth. (A trait that someone I knew used to like about me, but things have changed since then.)

What I find despicable, is how a whiner calls someone else a whiner. A bitch terming someone else a bitch. Pot calling kettle black. It’s as if they have no idea they have been doing the exact same thing themselves. What’s doubly worse is when they somehow see a need to criticise your father/mother/partner/children/pet just because they don’t like you.

And today, I find joy in realising that despite my full-on whining, I may have a much better life than some of these pathetic souls who keep “losing” their “best friends”, having shitty men as partners, and have abusive parents. Yeah, and maybe that’s what shits them about my whining. Cos they’d give a limb to have a slice of what I have, and they cannot tolerate how I am still complaining about my life.

One simple rule to stop yourself from feeling pissed off about my behaviour: Don’t read my blog.

I’ll deal with my issues, and you go deal with yours. Stop “secretly” throwing smart-alec judgmental comments about me. If you have the balls that you claim you do, why don’t you leave comments in your name and shoot me down here? My comments aren’t moderated anyway (unless the system automatically regards you as spam). I don’t think you realise you lack humility as well when you claim yourself to be “freaking intelligent” and “pretty”.

Speak up if you have the guts. Or are you going to move your blog address AGAIN?


3 thoughts on “Whiner is as whiner does.

  1. Hi,

    I am a great fan of your blog because your incessant whining makes me feel good about my life and gives me a good laugh everyday.


    shell says: Fantastic answer! And I appreciate how you’re not hiding behind a pseudonym. 🙂 Congrats on your newborn.

    And probably now you should let your friend know that I have read her entries about me. 😆

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