Random Musings

About work

I hate writer’s block.

I also hate weird little children (that are not mine) who come knocking on the door asking if I’m doing work and then happily sauntering into the room to chat with me when I am totally not free and not interested. πŸ˜•

On another note, I have sort of made a decision to re-join the workforce now that Joshua will turn 18 months on 4th December and has already started walking. Now that he is older and more independent, childcare shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It has taken a strange twist of events as to how I have become a writer by profession, and despite the occassional writer’s block, I am finally enjoying my work and would like to bask in this satisfaction full-time. However, this also slightly contradicts our plan for Baby #2. But logically, it would be wiser to chalk up a substantial amount of savings prior to #2, especially in this doubtful period of economy instability. It also doesn’t hurt to save up for Joshua’s preschool education as well because I would like him to attend Kinderland just as me and my brother had.

Meanwhile, it is just a matter of locating and settling Joshua into a childcare centre and finding a job for myself.

About weight

I have strangely lost my appetite for the past week (not I am not pregnant) and lost 3kg due to the one meal a day that I only seem to be able to stomach. A family dinner back at the in-laws’ garnered surprising responses from the relatives that I seem to have lost some weight.

My response? “No leh, still the same what.” (Honestly, 3kg weight lost doesn’t really count as weight loss when my current BMI is 25.5, which is 0.6 overweight. πŸ˜• )

Then embarked a strange conversation regarding some chocolate mint flavoured Cambridge Diet thingy that worked miracles for Hubs’ cousin’s wife.

I am still in two minds about losing weight. According to the gym personal trainer (and the weight assessment machine), my ideal weight is 64kg which means I was perfectly a-okay when I first met Hubs. Except maybe I wasn’t very toned due to lack of physical activity.

My mom-in-law says to let my weight be until I’m done with having kids, but I am quite sick of bloating up like a pregnant woman when I’m having PMS. I swear if I got a dollar each time someone asked if I was pregnant (when I’m not) I would be damn rich.

On the other hand, it is damn stupid to put in time and effort to go down to 64kg just to put on weight and get flabby again when I’m done with #2. I know someone who spent hundreds of dollars going to some special diet doctor to get diet meds and going through with the ill side effects for 5 months only to decide on having #2 and putting on 5kg within the first month of getting pregnant. πŸ˜• Sounds like effort (and money) gone down the drain if you ask me.

About life

I am in a strange happy place right now, albeit the slight confusion regarding working or continuing to be a stay-home mom.

As much as I love being around for Joshua’s various milestones, I would also like to carve a nichΓ© for myself other than the title of “SAHM”. I have been told that I have a gift beyond what I am currently writing, that I can go forth and write a book or something. I still doubt the truth of what has been conveyed to me, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. πŸ™‚

Why now, you may ask. Why not? After all, it has been said that we should strike while the iron’s hot.

Hubs and I will have to schedule a sit-down time over some coffee to discuss the many factors that will come into play if I should make the switch to being a full-time working mom.

Meanwhile, here’s asking the working and stay-home moms who are reading this: What do you think about the pending change? Even if you’re not a mom, feel free to comment and advise. It will help with more opinions being thrown around. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Random Musings

  1. I’m a working mom. I think you should give it a try. Although I must say that not many mothers have the luxury to choose whether to stay home or to work. Most of us just have to leave the kids to someone else so that we can earn enough to bring home. Since your family does not sustain on your income, why not give it a try and see if you like it. If you don’t like it just come back and be a full time mom again.

    In fact i’m resigning to become a stay home mom, let’s see what happen to both of us.

    shell says: Like role swap huh? πŸ˜† Ok. Must keep each other updated!

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