Adventures of the Oven Boy

I starting morphing into a transvestite with my *new* raspy whisper yesterday morning. Then late afternoon onwards, Joshua started turning into a tiny human oven. I think we could have boiled an egg on his scorching forehead.

But being the very obedient boy that he is 90% of the time, he allowed us to “put sticker” (those get cooling pads for kids) on his forehead even though he utterly hates it. Each time he tried to remove it, I would hug him really tight and tell him he’s doing a great job. We managed to keep the “sticker” on for 30 minutes!

Months ago, we would be glad to even be able to keep it on for 10 minutes.

I think the boy understands that he got ill because he disobeyed Mommy, so he had to endure the iciness of the sticker that he hates so much.

Mom said to nap, and he makes excuses about not being tired even though his eyes were watering and he was yawning non-stop.

Mom said to drink his water, and he makes excuses about not being thirsty, water not nice, water not cold, etc. The best he ever did was to tell me there was no more water inside the bottle when it was still half full!

Two can play that game, so I emptied out the water and filled it up again. No more excuses. 😆

He finished a bottle of warm milk with 5ml of baby paracetamol mixed in. He knew it was medicated — I made sure he knew what he was having — yet he finished every single drop of it because we told him he has to if he wants go to bed painlessly.

He nearly removed the bottle and threw it away (literally) during the first few sucks, but Daddy and I were there encouraging him on to finish it for his own good. And so he did.

Nonetheless, I can’t say it doesn’t hurt me to see him sapped of his energy and daily sunshine. This boy is truly all sunshine and rainbows each day when he wakes.

Today, I see some of his sunshine returning, but no hearty chuckles yet, because I don’t think he can muster up the strength for it.


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