An encouragement of bribes.

“If you finish your meds, and keep the sticker on, we’ll bring you for mango ice-cream at the Hong Kong Cafe, ok?”

Boy looks apprehensive, and nods suspiciously. (You should see how he adores the Mango Fantasy thingy at Hong Kong Cafe. The mango ice-cream, with mango and pomelo bits. I swear he adores mango more than chocolate.)

“Come, let’s do a High 5 promise.” (Because he has yet been able to do a pinky promise.)

Boy raises his feverish hand, seals the deal and proceeds to guzzle his medicated milk fervently.

“When you get well, we’ll go to the zoo if it doesn’t rain over the weekend, ok?”

Boy musters a weak smile and becomes 100% cooperative. This zoo trip is way overdue, but with the year-end rainy weather, there is really little we can do.

I hate to admit it, but we use bribes a lot when he falls ill. But of course, we actually fulfill our promises when he eventually gets well. Now I just want him to get well fast so we can all go for a nice meal at Hong Kong Cafe.


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