Boiled Egg.

It kinda sucks knowing that I am ovulating right now but we are not able to have sex to possibly make a baby because:

a) Hubs is zonked from taking care of 2 sick people almost all week.
b) my egg is probably hard-boiled from the recent fever.
c) I’m still kinda feeling sick, so no mood to have sex.

Our last session was so far back that all the sperm would have died (or flowed out) already, so there is only like 0.01% chance of conception this month. We could have sex for the sake of having sex, but I believe whatever swimmers he will “spit” out would be “old” already. No good…

When we were trying to conceive Joshua, we had sex whenever needed in order to conceive, and trust me, it was really no fun at all. In fact, having sex strictly for the sake of procreation is a very horrid reason to have sex indeed! Although the brighter side of things is how you don’t really need to try very long to get pregnant if you have sex routinely enough.

Well, as what Hubs said, I’ll probably be having a “bad egg” (坏蛋) this month due to illness. It’s actually quite funny, the way he said it. 😆 If we can’t give it a good shot this month (no pun intended), there is always next month. And the next month. And the month after…  😦


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