Give me a Heart.


I have further affirmed my attraction towards heart cut stones. I have also found out that the smallest ones are usually around a carat simply because of the skill involved in cutting a tiny stone into a heart shape. (Which means it would be that much more difficult to get one due to the higher cost of a larger stone.)

I dream of a heart cut rose quartz, ruby or pink sapphire — because hearts should be pink or red — solitaire set on a silver ring.


Oddly, when I googled on the spiritual/metaphysical properties of the respective stones that I am interested in, they seemed perfect for my intended purpose for them — a token of love from Hubs to me. (Yes, I am dreaming in advance, can?!)

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is the most powerful for dealing with affairs of the heart. It opens up the heart for both giving and receiving love. It soothes negative influences. This stone is good for dealing with issues on an emotional level. A stone from the heart and for the heart. It helps one to be able to love themselves. A good stone for dealing with a “broken heart.” The rose quartz is also good for helping one to release childhood traumas, neglect, lack of love, self-esteem. The best stone for opening the 4th (heart) chakra.


Ruby brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage. It instills stamina, vitality and strength. A good stone for removing blocked energies in the reproductive system. It re-energizes one after exhaustion. Also good for balancing the blood’s sugar. It also helps to reduce negative thought patterns. Ruby allows you to love Self and Spirit. A good stone of protection.

Pink Sapphire:

Pink Sapphire clears emotional blockages bringing peace and unconditional love. It allows one to surrender to another for the good of the all and allows us to not need to be the one in control of what is happening but to allow another to take charge and trust that they will get the job done better than we can.

Apparently all three of my “short-listed” stones are linked to the Heart Chakra (because they are pink) and have to do with the emotional aspects of Spirituality. Very very apt indeed. :mrgreen:


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