The feeling of not wanting anything.

It is actually a very very odd feeling indeed.

We walked the shops at Orchard, and it was very weird to browse everything that appealed to me, yet to want nothing. How an almost shopaholic like me can want nothing is beyond belief.

Well, Hubs did get 2 bottles of purple nail polish for me on his own accord (because I dig purple soooooooo much), but it’s not the same kind of overwhelming feeling I used to get seeing things that appeal to me. It used to be like, “OMG I have to buy that or I will die right now.”

Very melodramatic, I know. *rolls eyes*

Even when I posted about the beautiful wood/diamond ring earlier, it’s not a buy-or-I-will-die thing. It’s a it-would-be-so-nice-to-have kinda thing.


OK, I did see a pair of Ed Hardy boots at Heeren that tugged my heartstrings, something I have wanted for more than three years. But I walked away without any fuss — Hubs as my witness — and I obviously didn’t die from it. 😆

For the past few days, I was desperately trying to figure out what I want so I could create an X’mas wishlist. But… I just couldn’t think of anything. Not anything that people can just give anyway. I want… a job (aka pocket/savings money), Baby #2, a driving license, a holiday. These are not things people can just give for X’mas lor…

I wonder if I may have already been “fixed”… 😕


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