Warped Definitions

Some people really need to open their eyes to see, or maybe to just open their mouths and ask, before they announce to the whole world that their husbands really earns “very little”.

If the definition of “earning very little” means your husband can buy you a LV Neverfull on a whim for your birthday (which you sold off at a loss a few months later because you think the money spent on the bag can do better to feed your coming baby #2) then seriously, I don’t know what is the definition of “earning very little” anymore.

Even in our current state of financial affairs, where we do not (because we cannot) go on holidays or afford any luxury brand items, I do not term ourselves as “earning very little” because everyone has enough to go around and we don’t lack any necessities.

If we are “earning very little”, then what about those poorly educated families who feed entire families (with young and old) on less than $1,500 each month? What about families who cannot even have three full meals a day, let alone buy luxury brand bags at $1,900??

Some people… *sigh*


One thought on “Warped Definitions

  1. hahaha, maybe even if the hb is earning a $20k salary they will also say earn very little? you know how it is with some chinese people, they rather say such things then to jinx themselves or appear boastful

    shell says: I don’t think saying “he earn just nice”, or “we don’t earn enough” is jinxing lor. It’s just a matter of rephrasing the words. But then again, not everyone knows how to say things in a more subtle way… :mrgreen:

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