Feeling faint is not fun.

On my way home from an errand, I nearly fainted on the bus. My vision blurred, images were rimmed with a fuzzy black border. I had to get off the bus 2 stops early and seek refuge at my in-laws’ shophouse because I know it will be quite difficult to refrain from fainting on the bus (and possibly being unconscious on the bus and missing my stop).

According to my rescuers, I was white as a sheet. They forced me to have a bowl of rice and some soup because they attributed my faintness to lack of food intake. (I had lost my appetite since falling ill and have been eating only about a meal a day.)

Hubs’ cousin offered to sent me home, worried that I might faint whilst walking home from the shophouse. I got nagged for eating too little.

It was scary as hell to have a blackout coming on, and it’s at times like these that I feel very glad for living near to family.


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