IPPT: Passed!

Despite being visibly out of form, my Hubs actually passed his IPPT on the first attempt!!

Actually I thought he would fail despite having RT (Remedial Training), but he proved me wrong. Sometimes… I think I really look him no up. :mrgreen:

Congrats, sweets! Next year come again! 😆


One thought on “IPPT: Passed!

  1. That’s so good….way to go!
    my hubby has been failing them forever lah….
    if he passed his 2.4, then he wld fail his chin-ups; if he passed his chin-ups, he would fail his standing board-jump (gasp!!)

    shell says: This is actually his first IPPT… The army forgot about him when he came back from Australia. 😆 So to pass is really sibeh shocking!

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