The stressful morning pre-shoot.

Ok, I am chicken and almost prepared to back out of the shoot. But it is 1.5 hours before I am due to arrive at the shoot location, and it is way too late to back out. Which is the whole point actually, since if I would have backed out earlier if I had actually mentally accepted the fact. 😆

I just hope the clothes I have picked for the shoot are suitable. I also cross my fingers hoping I don’t look like a fat(ter) cow on telly. The last few times I was on telly wasn’t exactly a pretty sight to behold. Joshua would prolly look cute on telly anyways. I think.


Right now I can only hope I don’t NG too much and make the Director dulan with me. Maybe can get some production stills to share later!

*hops, skips and flies (via cab) to Jurong*


Update @ 5.50pm:

Back from shoot! It was not as stressful as I had thought, but I did feel kinda bad when I wasted film/time/manpower when my expression wasn’t “powerful” enough.

Nonetheless, everyone was very nice about it, and they patiently allowed me to rehearse my scenes a few times before rolling the cameras.

I fell in my love with my makeup artist, who is (unsurprisingly) a fit tattooed hunk of a guy. :mrgreen: Yes, I am hopeless sometimes. 😳

No production stills cos everyone was super busy filming or trying to keep Joshua away from the equipment. 😦 I am starting to wonder how thick a double chin I will have… According to reruns of the ok scenes, it does seem quite prominent… 😐 But everyone has got TV right? Can see the ad when it starts to air lah! I have just been informed that the ad will not be aired on FTA TV, but I have been promised a copy, and a version to be uploaded on youtube. Link to be shared when it’s available!

Meanwhile, a screencap from the ad…

Ad screencap (resized)

Counting down to mid-December when ad is ready!


5 thoughts on “The stressful morning pre-shoot.

  1. Is it just me or has ur hair grown at an alarming rate of alot lately!

    shell says: It is my hair. But somehow I feel it is still damn slow. 😦

  2. how come Joshua looks so bored… 😛

    shell says: Cos he wanted to go get off the couch and go fiddle with stuff, but they told him if he stay put, he can have candy. 😆

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